Natural Bleach Alternative: Here’s A Recipe To Try

With all the news of chemicals and plastics and more polluting the earth, finding natural alternatives to the products we’ve grown accustomed to is going to be essential. In this house, we’ve been following in Grandma’s footsteps and have been using distilled vinegar as a cleaner. Getting rust stains out of fabrics works best with non-additive salt, lemon juice, and sun. Now, a recipe has surfaced for a non-chlorine bleach:

To make this natural cleanser, combine 3 cups of water with 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a 32-ounce quart container or jug. Add 6 drops of your favorite essential oils. I used a mix of rose and lavender, but feel free to experiment with your favorite scents. Then, use it to clean sinks, sanitize bathtubs, and brighten your laundry!

To use as a toilet cleaner: Pour ½ cup of the solution into the toilet bowl. Let it sit for 20 minutes, then scrub clean.

For tough stains: Pre-soak clothes in 2 cups of the solution for up to 30 minutes, then wash as usual.

3 to 1 water to hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of essential oil? That’s it?

Hey, even I can do that. And as a former lifeguard who saw many a co-worker wearing oxygen masks when changing the chlorine tanks at the pool, not dealing with that particular chemical is never a bad thing. (For the record, gas chlorine is rarely used anymore due to the danger on so many different fronts including inhaling it. And, yes, some of my coworkers ended up in the hospital after an accident.)

And if this particular recipe doesn’t work, there’s always vinegar, salt, baking soda, and pine tar. All of those simple staples have their uses in house cleaning.

The truth is that before “better living through chemistry” the world was a cleaner, greener place. The people only had natural products to use to create soaps and clean. Somehow, they survived without anti-bacterial soap and chlorine bleach. Maybe we should be following their example.


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