Neuroscientists Claim This Song Reduces Anxiety By 65% [Listen]

Anxiety is a very common nervous disorder that causes fear, nervousness, and panic.

Anxiety is usually treated with drugs, but there is another approach called cognitive therapy.

Anxiety can be treated with yoga, meditation, massage, some other relaxation methods as well as music.   According to UK neuro-scientists, there is a single song that significantly reduces the overall anxiety by 65%.


Generation Y and Anxiety

According to a survey in 2013, nearly 57% of the female university students from America suffered from anxiety. While in the UK, almost a third of young women and one in ten men experienced panic attacks.

Marjorie Wallace, states that the generation Y (1980-1990) belong to the age of desperation. The reasons for such age may be the increased development of technology, overprotective parenting, and luxury of having too much choice.



Another reason for anxiety is the rapid development of technology. People are obsessed with their smartphones and gadgets so that they become completely disconnected from the environment.

They have a fear known as FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) so that’s why they want to be informed of what is doing on the social media.

Kruger points out that people can get addicted to this fear which can affect the level of anxiety and the overall well-being.



The Creation of the Ultimate Anti-Stress Music

The scientists from the Mindlab International wanted to find out the type of music that relaxes the people the most. The study included participants that experienced a certain degree of stress. They listened to some songs and the scientist measured their blood pressure, brain activity, heart rate and rate of breathing.

One particular song “Weightless” reduced almost 65% of the overall anxiety of the participants and 35% of the physiological resting rate.

This song was specifically designed to promote a highly-relaxed state. This song was created by the Marconi Union and the musicians carefully arranged the rhythms, harmonies and bass lines that slowed the listener’s blood pressure and heart rate as well as cortisol, the stress hormone.

Here is the song, so relax and enjoy.


Marconi Union – “Weightless”

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