Never Leave These 5 Things in Your Bathroom


Good hygiene is very important..
A bathroom is quite a volatile, paradoxical place.  The bathroom seems to be the center of our morning routine. You may think you have very good cleaning habits and believe that this room is exceptionally clean and immaculate.  Even though you have every reason to believe this, it’s important to remember that this area of the house harbors bacteria and dangerous toxins.

We are going to address the 8 items that people tend to leave in the bathroom. Take note of the following:

  • .Toothbrush

You shouldn’t forget that the bathroom is a very humid area. This prevents your toothbrush from drying completely between use.  Our recommendation is that you put your toothbrush in your room or in a very dry part of the house.

To avoid getting your toothbrush dirty you can get a container. Some completely cover it and others just cover the bristles.

Solution: Instead why not keep your toothbrush in a cooler, darker place. Perhaps your bedroom. And always replace your brush every 3-4 months.

  • Medicine

We all know not to mess with our medicine. But do you know that medicine cabinets should never be in your bathroom? I certainly didn’t. All that humidity and heat will ruin the drugs you store inside it. It will lessen their potency and also accelerate their expiry.

To store your medicines remember:

Choose places that are clean and dry. Any drawer in your room is a good idea. In contrast, the kitchen presents the same problems as the bathroom, so it’s better to avoid it.
Keep medicines in their original packaging. This identifies their purpose. You can also check the expiration date so you can avoid doing harm or getting medicine switched with someone else’s medicine.
Store medicine in a place where children can’t get their hands on it.

  • Towels & Bathrobes

After a lovely hot soak, or refreshing shower there are few better feelings than wrapping a soft towel or bathrobe over my clean body. Like me, therefore, many people have been tempted to keep their towels and linens in a bathroom cupboard. This however is not a good idea. If your towels are kept waiting for days on end at the bottom of your great stack, they will soak up a lot of dampness and begin to smell.

Solution: Keep any towels you are not expecting to use the same day in a dry, warm room, like the airing cupboard. Towels should also be replaced at least every two years.

  • Razor Blades

Humidity can cause razor blades to rust, even before they are used. The only time you can store them in the bathroom is when they are in sealed packaging.

This advice is also true for scissors and other metal items that can oxidate easily.

  •  Jewelry

Just like razor blades, your good jewelry and favorite costume jewelry may become affected due to the moisture in the air.

Imitation items and those that are plated with metal may begin to turn color. Silver will tarnish the quickest.

Solution: Never leave your jewelry, cheap or expensive, anywhere apart from your body and your jewelry box.


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