Never Use This When Showering

You might not know what to call those puffy mesh things you use to scrub in the shower but you probably thought they were good for your skin, right?

The netting exfoliators – let’s call them puffs – are actually a breeding ground for nasty bacteria which grow and multiply in just ONE night.

In fact, it’s estimated 98 per cent of dermatologists would recommend you NEVER use a shower puff.

Especially when you have finished bathing the moisture and the heat will only contribute to making a perfect breeding ground for all the bacteria. Therefore we recommend that you change these shower-nets every 2 months and protect yourself from any infection.

Expert J. Matthew Knight, from the Knight Dermatology Institute, says they can do more harm than good.

That’s because the dead skin cells you scrub off gets caught in the folds of netting.

He added: “Then you put them in this environment in the shower that’s warm and moist and gross, and it’s a set up for bacteria, yeast, and mould to grow in the puff.”

If you use them on newly shaved skin, the news is even worse.

The bacteria can then get into any tiny nicks and result in infections and bad skin.


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