One Simple Trick To Regrow Your Lettuce So You Never Have To Pay For A Salad Again


If you are among those who love lettuce this article is going  be very useful because it will show you how you can grow your own lettuce salad out of scratch and also you will never have to pay for another salad again. Plus, you are going to grow it organically, without any pesticides or chemicals and boost its health benefits. However, let’s see what those benefits are!

Benefitsof Lettuce

Every person knows that lettuce is delicious and it goes well with every mealandin every combination. But did you know that lettuce is also very healthy and beneficial?

-It is abundant in vitaminKand vitaminA. Vitamin K is essential for the optimal blood and bone health whereas vitamin A plays an important role in the immune function, reproduction, vision, and cellular communication.
-Lettuce isvery rich in essential anti-inflammatory compounds and it can improve the cholesterol levels and resolve insomnia issues.

Growing this amazing plant in your very own home is going to be fun and healthy, and is there a better combination? The procedure is quite simple too!

Growing Lettuce AtYour Home

Even if you don’t know gardening, this is going to be super easy. Everything you need is one stump and a bit of water.

-Buy some organic fresh lettuce and chop up the leaves that you surely will use for your salad. Leave around 1-2inch stem at the base of the head. Enjoy your salad first and then you can get to work!
-Fill one jar with an inch of water and place verticallythe stem. The base of the head needs to be in the water with the leaves pointing up towards the ceiling.
-Leave it in some sunny spot for around 10-12 days. Add more water if it is necessary as the days pass by.
-After 10-12 days you will see that your lettuce is ready for harvesting. Pick the freshly grown leaves and make your own delicious salad.


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