Parenting Around The World

Parents from various parts of the globe have different ideas about how to raise the next generation. Here are some of the differences in parenting styles from around the world.

Babies in Denmark Stay Outside in Their Strollers While Parents Shop or Dine

Parents in Denmark often park strollers on the sidewalk and leave their baby to sleep outside while they enjoy a meal at a restaurant.

Many of their strollers have high tech baby monitors so parents can keep an eye on their little ones while they’re shopping or dining indoors.

Babies in Norway Nap Outside

It’s common practice in Nordic countries for babies to nap outside. Parents in Norway, Sweden, and Finland believe that sleeping outside offers health benefits.

Even in below-freezing weather, babies are often bundled up and put down for a rest in their strollers in the cold temperatures.

Kids in Finland Get Frequent Breaks From School

In Finland, elementary-aged school kids take a 15-minute break every 45 minutes. With more frequent breaks to move around and play, Finnish kids are thought to be able to keep better focused on their work.


Kids in Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan Stay Up Late

Parents in New Zealand and Australia have a bedtime around 7:30 p.m., parents in Hong Kong, India, and Taiwan put their kids to bed around 10:00 p.m.

Kids in Italy Taste Wine With Dinner

In Italy, and many other European countries it has been accepted for older children and young adults to take a taste of wine or alcohol with family over dinner.

Some research indicates that tasting wine with a family dinner or while under adult supervision may reduce a child’s chances of developing substance abuse problems later in life.

Kids in Sweden Aren’t Spanked

Sweden became the first country to ban spanking in 1979. That means that the first generation of children who were never exposed to corporal punishment are now parents themselves.

Since Sweden’s ban on corporal punishment, the list of countries that ban spanking children continues to grow. Currently, 52 other countries prohibit parents from using physical punishments on children.

Kids in France Savor Meals

Children in French schools are given a 30-minute minimum to eat their lunch.

French parents believe it’s important to slow down and ​savor meals. And they want their children to practice slow eating from an early age.

Mothers in Bulgaria Receive 410 Days of Maternity Leave

Have you ever heard of taking 410 days of maternity leave from work after having a child? In Bulgaria, that is what is offered to all new mothers.


Kids in China Toilet Train Early

If you ever wondered about alternatives to diapers, diaper rash and changing tables, look to China. Parents begin their children’s toilet training soon after birth and wear something called open-crotch pants.

When outside, children may squat or be assisted by parents when they need to go to the bathroom. But, they don’t need their pants lowered and they don’t need diaper changes. Ultimately, kids become toilet trained faster.


Kids in Japan Use Public Transportation Alone

Kids in Japan are seen using public transportation on their own from young ages. Parents believe it’s important to give young children the skills they need to find their way on their own.


Kids in Lichtenstein Start School at Age 7

While parents send kids to school starting at the young age of 4 in Britain and Australia, parents from the county of Lichtenstein hold off sending their kids to school until they’re 7 years old.


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