Pepsi’s Diet Drinkers Get A New Choice With An Old Sweetener

In 2015, responding to consumer demand from younger diet soda drinkers who were concerned that the chemical no-calorie sweetener aspartame (Monsanto’s Nutrisweet) was poisoning them, PepsiCo changed the formulation of Diet Pepsi to include a different one.  Well…a different demographic, the older ladies, didn’t like the taste.  So, guess what?  Pepsi is bringing out a new diet soda, this one using the much demonized aspartame.

PepsiCo is reintroducing aspartame into some of its diet drinks – a year after after they removed the artificial sweetener as part of a marketing move over health concerns.

Pepsi removed the sweetener “in response to consumer demand” in April 2015, to appeal to customers who were concerned aspartame carries health risks.

However, some older consumers were reportedly unhappy with the change to the beverage’s flavor without the sweetener.

So, in responding to consumer demand – again – Pepsi is going back to the “sweetener” that launched countless studies researching long term use of the chemical blamed for all sorts of nebulous ailments, and giving the older contingent another choice in the diet soda wars.

However, multiple studies from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) who searched for a correlation between aspartame intake and brain tumors, lymphomas or leukemias found there was no direct health risks associated with the additive.

Maybe so, but in this writer’s house, the stuff is not allowed because it DOES do nasty things to family members.

As it happens, Pepsi is trying to cover all its bases and in addition to putting the aspartame BACK in Diet Pepsi, they will be releasing Pepsi Max repackaged as Pepsi Zero Sugar in the fall with aspartame as the sweetener.

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