Placing a Lemon In Your Bedroom Will Save Your Life

Many people live their lives by the old saying: “Seeing is Believing” and they don’t believe in anything, until they see it with their own eyes. You may not want to accept the fact that the spirit world does exist, but still it has an impact of our lives.

Of course we aren’t talking about paranormal encounter or anything similar to that in this article. We will only be talking about energy, and how the negative vibes can affect your life in a negative way. But what’s more important, we will reveal you how to get rid of them in order to feel better.

The fruit that is most commonly used in the kitchen at least and we all know, is the lemon. It is abundant in numerous minerals and vitamins that are highly beneficial for our overall health. Furthermore, the lemon also has the ability to keep the negative energy at bay.

Many years ago the practitioners of Buddhism and Feng Shui, were using the lemon in order to keep the bad vibes and negative energy away from them. They accomplish this by using simple rituals that were transforming their lives in a very fascinating and unique way.

Those who have tried to use lemon, to get rid of the bad vibes and negative energy from their lives, have confirmed they experienced great improvement in their lives. Many people were skeptical about this, but once they tried it, they were pleasantly surprised by the effects. Now it is good that you have found another way, to use lemons, another way that you can get benefits from them. Below, we will show you a few ways to use them, and you can choose which one you like to use.

Travel with Lemon
This simply ritual requires carrying a lemon with you, wherever you go. Once the lemon becomes dry after a while, throw it away and take another one.
If you notice that the lemon you carry around with you, will dry a lot faster, it means that there are many negative vibes affecting you. For that reason, the lemon will dry out very fast since absorbs the negative energy.

Lemon Juice
One of the best ways to take advantage of the benefits of this amazing fruit, is to make a juice from it. Mix the juice with a small amount of water and you can use it to clean your accessories and amulets, remove the negative energy and bad vibes that have accumulated in your home.

Lemon with Salt
For this ritual you will a fresh lemon and also you need to cross it. Place the salt in grain in every piece and then unify all of the pieces to make a whole lemon, and the salt remains inside. Close the lemon, place it in a corner right in front of your home’s entrance, in a room.
This will prevent negative energy and bad vibes from entering into your house. When someone brings negative energy or bad vibes with them, the lemon will absorb it immediately. Repeat the process for at least 3 days and you will start to feel more love, abundance and prosperity.

Lemon Leaves
Taking an infusion from the lemon leaves before bedtime, regularly for 7 days, you will experience greater ’power’in bed. People who used this method confirmed its positive benefits.

It Gives You Energy
The lemon is well-known for its ability to attract love, peace, prosperity abundance, and also provide you a lot of energy. Therefore, lemon is believed to be the fruit of good, by many people. It is only because the lemon comes from the element of water, which we all know it is purified by the people.