Reasons You Should Pick Up Coconut Oil On Your Next Grocery Trip

Not all that long ago, when demonizing all fats was all the rage, coconut oil was one of the many options maligned by “health” nuts everywhere. In recent years, the very versatile oil has undergone a renaissance in reputation, and there are some fantastic reasons why.

Coconut oil is loaded with the sort of saturated fat the body craves. At this point, with the war on dietary fat becoming far more nuanced than just “ban it all,” we are learning that certain types of fat are the ones to avoid. Simply, trans fats, or those found in most bleached and shelf stable fats that come from extreme processing. Coconut oil, usually a solid at room temperature, is not overly processed and is, in fact, more along the lines of butter, avocado oil, and tree nut oils when it comes to needed fats and nutrients. In addition, as a culinary option, coconut oil has a high smoke point, so it is more suitable for pan frying than olive oil which is great in salads but smokes while frying hamburgers.

Coconut oil appears to have a positive effect on digestion, hormone health, hearts, organ function and much more. Being one of the more versatile cooking oils, incorporating coconut oil into the diet can be one of the many things that could help keep doctors away.

Coconut oil is a traditional ingredient in beauty care products. Yes, it is true. Coconut oil, even that which is sold in the baking aisle at the grocery store can be used to help moisturize skin and hair. It is safe for nursing mothers to use, and can be built into homemade lip balm. It also can be kept in the nightstand for romantic encounters. (Readers can use their imagination on this one.)

New research certainly indicates that coconut oil may well be one of the superfoods Americans have been missing for decades. Now is the time to research and experiment with this wonder of nature. In the end, it could save lives.

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