Relationship Deal Breakers According To Your Zodiac Sign

We all have standards and preferences when it comes to our love life. We want to end up with someone who will be just right for us and contribute to our happiness on a daily basis. In order to achieve this, we need to understand which people have the potential for longterm partnerships, and which ones we can pretty much count out from the start.

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Did you know that your zodiac sign can help you determine the real deal breakers? Check out these relationship deal breakers according to your zodiac sign!


You are confident and driven. You’re secure in your self image and you need to be surrounded with people who are like minded. Those who aren’t self-starters or fully motivated and ambitious, aren’t going to be a good match for you.


You’re cautious and wary of new things, you like to plan down to the last detail and you’re not a fan of surprises of any kind. Someone who tends to be spontaneous or impulsive won’t be a good partner for you. You need someone who will keep their feet on the ground beside you.


You are kind and gregarious. You enjoy company and social interaction and you’ll do best with someone who can appreciate the same things. Shy introverts aren’t a good match for you, you need that somebody who will face the crowd with you and have a great time doing it.


You are the most fiercely loyal and reliable of the signs. Your family and friends are everything to you, so if your partner doesn’t like or get along with them, it’s definitely not going to work out. You need someone who is equally compassionate and understands the importance of your support network.


You are clever and observant, and for this reason it’s nearly impossible to lie to you. You will do best with someone who is always honest and up front about things. You will not tolerate mind games or manipulation of any sort.


You are the poster child for wanderlust. You need adventure, new things and to always be on the move. Your partner will have to be someone who wants the same out of life and doesn’t need to be tethered to one place. Home bodies need not apply.


You are all about discipline, organization and self control. There’s no room for mess or wild abandon in your life, and your partner needs to reflect and compliment that.


You’re the most open minded of the signs. Always seeking higher education and wisdom, you are a philosopher at heart, and making a valuable and positive contribution to society is important to you. You won’t get on well with someone who isn’t willing to entertain unfamiliar ideals or beliefs. Your partner must be a student and humanitarian just like yourself.


You don’t appreciate confrontation or fighting. You are the drama-free peace lover of the signs, and you won’t last long with someone who is always getting involved in arguments and disagreements. Your partner needs to be able to take your feelings into account and pick their battles according.


Leo is the lion and they live life with wild abandon. You love travel and are a true extrovert, so introversion and quiet nights in aren’t exactly your cup of tea. Your partner needs to be just as free wheeling and fun loving as you are, or it just won’t work.


You’re the kind of person whose trust must be earned. You don’t like pretense and you only want to get involved with people who are honest and genuine about who they are. You need someone who is secure in themselves and not afraid to show it. People who act one way to your face and another behind your back are the worst match for you.


Libra may come off as guarded or distant to begin with, but deep down they are the most hopeless romantics of them all. A relationship with a libra will only work if you open your heart and are receptive to true love and intimate connection. The emotionally unavailable shouldn’t bother with this sign, it simply won’t last if you can’t give yourself freely.

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