Rub A Potato On The Grill For This Genius Reason! (VIDEO)



Summer! It’s now time to enjoy some grilling outdoors while the kids play in the backyard. It is a good excuse for spending a bunch of time outside in the sun.

Also, who doesn’t like grilling? Cooking food outside is not only relaxing, it removes heat and smells from your home. However, the worst part about grilling is when your food sticks to the grill. When that happens, it’s almost impossible to get it off. It can also ruin your food!

Well, there is an easy and natural way to prevent food sticking on grills. All you have to do is take a potato and cut it in half, wait for the grill to warm up, and rub the potato on the hot grill. The natural starches in the potato will prevent any food from sticking. However, it is best to go with an organic potato. You don’t want all those nasty chemicals on your grill as well.

Summertime cooking just got much simpler with this little trick!
Check out the video below to learn more!

Take a look at the amazing results!!!


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