Rude Driver Leaves Car Double-Parked In Front Of Church, Then Neighbor Teaches Him a Lesson

When it comes to parking, some people can be pretty darn selfish. The No Parking signs are there for a reason so why do people still intend on blocking the road?

This video shows a fitting comeback to a rude driver who thought it was perfectly fine to park his car blocking the entrance to a church driveway to grab a coffee from Starbucks.

Though there is a huge parking lot available across the street, he chooses to park his car in this manner. That is when a neighbor, Dale, decides to take action.

By the time the driver is back, he is able to grab a chair, a coffee, a book and even set up his camera on the tripod to film the whole thing. He double parks himself in front of the car and when the driver is back he says “I’ll be just a minute”!! I’m sure the driver will remember this all his life!



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