See What The Shape Of Your Nose Says About Your Personality ( Part 2 )

Have you ever thought that the shape of nose can tell a lot about someone’s personality? Well, we have come to revelation that there is strong correlation between people’s personality traits and their different nose shapes.

Part 2:

5. The Button Nose
Short and dainty, it is one of the most common types of a nose. However, there’s nothing common about the people with this nose. Strong-minded, resolute and spontaneous, they usually take part in a lot of various activities. They are good at their job and use their time with utmost planning and care. They follow their instinct when making decisions but they learn to trust which urge to follow and which to leave. Therefore, they often get what they want.

6. The Straight Nose
Wide nostrils with a round tip; this nose is straight and flatter than the rest. People with this nose tend to control their emotions. They are good at reading emotions as well, making them good empaths. Patience and calmness are their best characteristics, but they don’t value unwanted provocations. However, if they ever felt the safety of their loved ones threatened and in that case, they wouldn’t hesitate to personify the wrath of hell.

7. The Concave Nose
A definitive small arch on the nose bone, it looks petite and sharp with the tip pointing slightly outwards. People with this type of nose are sensitive, emotional and feel hurt quite easily but they never reveal it. They are the kind of people who would rather smile than telling others what bothers them and yet first to offer help if needed. Altruism is the hallmark of people with this nose.

8. The Crooked Nose
Contrary to what the name suggests, people with crooked nose are known to be one of the most simple and uncomplicated of all. The bridge of the nose stands out while the tip is rounded. They are good listeners and observers and they are they are very understanding and never judge other people’s choices, which makes them great friends and partners as they usually listen cautiously before forming an opinion.