She is Not Young Anymore, but She Looks Like a Child. The Secret is in This One Ingredient!


The secret of ideal skin is to take care of it properly. Women who want to have soft velvet skin should eat well, drink plenty of water and perform special procedures.

Someone will say that constantly caring for the skin is expensive. It involves visits to beauticians, expensive creams and many other expenses. However, true beauties know tricks thanks to which the skin looks great. This requires nothing more than natural components. Today in this article we are going to present you one of this remedies which can make your skin perfect and it will cost you nothing!

In this article you will read about one ingredient that can help you to do that and that is coffee.

1. Mud mask with coffee grounds – You can use the coffee grounds and black mud to clean your skin. There are numerous people that use this to treat skin conditions like blackheads. All you will need to do is to mix 50ml of coffee grounds and 1 teaspoon of black mud and after that in order to dissolve the mixture you should pour a little bit of water and after that you should apply it on your neck and face as a mask and to wait until it dries and at the end with warm water to wash it off.

2. Coffee ice – During the hot summer days, the coffee frappe is an excellent drink. But what many people do not know is that this can be used for the skin. All you will need to do is to prepare 1 strong natural coffee without added sweeteners in it and after that to pour the coffee into ice molds and to place them into your refrigerator. Each morning you should rub your skin with 1 ice cube of coffee. It will not only refresh your skin but it will prevent wrinkles as well.

3. Shower gel – All you will need to do here is to mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt, the same amount of coffee grounds and 1 to 2 teaspoons of shower gel. If you want you can also add citric oil (2 to 3 drops). Every second day you should shower with this gel and this will help you also with the problem with cellulite.

4. Coffee scrub – Instead of throwing away the dregs after you have finished with your coffee you can start using them for your skin because they contain natural exfoliant that can improve the blood supply to the skin and with that to regrow the dead skin cells. Before using this you should first wash your face and after that with gently movements massage your face with the dregs and after that wash it off with warm water.


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