She Lost Her Vision Completely Because of Contact Lenses! Never do This and Protect Your Eyes

She woke up in Saturday, 6 years ago, and figured out that tears are falling continuously from her right eye. Irenie Ekkeshis (36) went in a pharmacy and bought eye drops. In a few days, she found out that has Acanthamoeba Keratitis (AK), a rare but serious eye infection.

“I thought that it is a small infection, which will pass until Monday. Till evening, I couldn’t enter my kitchen, because I couldn’t bare the neon light, it hurt so much” – she remembers.

She went to an examination in a specialized hospital, where the doctors subjected her on scraping her corneal. “It was terrible as it sounds, because you can see a needle going straight to your eye. It was hurting, even they poured anti-pain drops” – said Irenie.

She says that has never showered with her lenses on her eyes, and that never swim in a pool with them.
She’s wearing lenses since her age of 12

“But, I found out that they could get infected if you touch them with wet hands, after washing”.

At the age of 12, Irenie decided to change the thick glasses with contact lenses. At her 30, she started wearing daily lenses. That’s a type that is wearing during the day, and throw away in the evening. Till then, she never had problems with them.

The infection damages the cornea. Ekkeshis firstly got antiseptic, the doctors told her that they’ve started healing the infection quite early and it is only a question of weeks when it will disappear completely.

But, the condition was not going better, but only worse. The eye has started hurting her unbearable. In May 2016, her cornea was transplanted. It seemed successful. But, in 10 days, her vision started blurring again.

“They’ve found that the AK has transferred even on the new cornea. I was again at the beginning” – said Irenie. She had another transplantation in 2014. Meanwhile, she accepted her weakened vision.

“I have an advice for the people, don’t let you lenses to have a contact with water. Don’t shower with them, don’t swim with them, don’t even wash your hands wearing them” – finished Irenie.


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