She Rubs Onion on The Back of Her Hand. The Effect? You’ll Be Shocked!!

A number of health conditions can be treated using items you already have in the kitchen.

Onions are usually in most homes. Try using onions in others ways besdies cooking and you’ll be amazed.

Treats burns / prevents forming of scars

If you accidentally burn your hands while cooking dinner, the first signs are redness and pulsating pain.Onion can help relieve the pain because it contains antiseptic properties.

Onion will prevent infection and speed the healing process. Try several times a day to apply onion juice on the injured area. This will prevent the appearance of scars.

Treats insect bites / anti-itch agent

Bites of various insects can cause painful and unbearably itchy irritated skin. Especially in the summer days.

To prevent itching, simply rub the bitten area with onion cut in half. The itching will be reduced and eventually disappear, thanks to the sulfur found in onions.

Ear pain

Bake onions in the oven for 15 minutes. Cool, then cut it in half. Squeeze a few drops of juice and place them in the painful ear.

Although there is no scientific proof for the way this works, however, there are numerous testimonials from satisfied people that have eased the pain in the ear with this method.

Stuffy nose / Sinus pressure

Stuffy nose is very frustrating occurrence, especially at night when it doesn’t let you go to sleep. Often this phenomenon is accompanied by pain and pressure in the sinuses.

To alleviate this pressure, it is recommended to cut few onions place them in boiling water and make inhalations. Just to let you know, that tears may start to fall down, but your nose will be no longer stuffed.

Fight against cold and flu

Cut an onion in half and place in a bowl beside the bed where you sleep. Overnight you will inhale thevapors of the onion which will ease the symptoms.

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