Some People Gain Weight Faster Than Others And These Are The Reasons

There are certain factors that make people gain weight faster than others, but there are also other factors that can be changed in order to lose weight.

Today, we will reveal you the reasons why some people don’t gain weight though they eat more than others, and why some eat the same amount but gain weight faster than others.

1. Genetics

DNA molecule spiral structure with unique connection on abstract dark background. Genetics, GMO and biotechnology concept. 3D illustration

Genetics is one of the reasons why this problem occurs, as our genetics plays a crucial role in determining several important aspects that have impact on our lives such as how easy or difficult it is for our body to gain weight.

This fact is proven, since human genome experts have succeeded to separate out the genes that are responsible for the distribution and accumulation of fat.
The FTO gene (linked with fat mass and obesity) is found in 82% of men, which means that men are more likely to put on weight however little they eat.

2. Diet

Though genetics is fundamental, the diet we follow is also important in determining why we lose or gain weight.

Some of the genes associated with gaining weight cause a predisposition for craving unhealthy foods.

For that reason, it is necessary to follow a healthier and fresher diet to feel better and thus your body develops a habit of eating more healthily.

3. Exercise

However, apart from the diet we follow, another key factor when it comes to determining whether some people gain more or fewer kilos is the physical they do. What is also worth mentioning is that the quantity of exercise required for each person is different.

For example, some people had to do two hours of cycling to burn 200 calories, but others need only half an hour to consume the same amount.

Note: after exercising is not recommendable to eat more than usual in order to compensate for having done enough exercise. Thus, your effort is useless and you may gain weight.

4. Stress and lack of sleep

Both stress and sleep deprivation are factors that directly affect our weight and make us pack on the pounds. Sometimes when feeling stressed or under pressure we have a tendency to opt for unhealthy foods because they make us feel better.

However, this is precisely what we should try not to adopt unhealthy lifestyle habits.

5. Loss of intestinal biodiversity

Various studies have confirmed that changes in the intestinal flora are related to diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The composition and diversity of intestinal flora are connected to weight gain, due to quantity of bacteria lost and bacteria that are no longer produced.

This occurs due to an inappropriate diet or excessive use of antibiotics.


Alterations in the intestinal flora can cause people to generate up to 150 calories more each day, even though they eat the same amount.

This quantity can definitely caused an increased tendency to gain weight.

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