Start Eating Two Eggs A Day And Your Body Will Experience These Nine Changes

People have been eating eggs since many years ago. According to most recent studies, two or three eggs on daily basis is the recommended consummation dose.

First, You Really Need To Start To Lose Body Weight

Eating few chicken eggs for your breakfast will provide your body with a needed amount of energy & calories, thus helping you to eliminate your excess fat, according to a recent UK studies.

Increase the calcium apsorption by ingesting vitamin d

People often choose to eat one boiled egg, instead of taking one spoon of fresh fish oils. Scientists working for the food industry are enriching the chicken meat with special substances and additives with aim to increase the amounts of vitamins D in the eggs only. The vitamin D is essential for strengthening your teeth and bones and for improving the actual calcium absorption.

The brain is under constant protection of the choline

Eating two eggs each day helps provide your body with the required quantity; phospholipids vitamins that are comprised of the brain. If you suffer from phospholipids vitamins deficiency, you might experience short and in more severe cases a long-term memory loss.

Slower down the aging process

Almost 90% of the women aged between 35 and 40 years have confirmed that they manage to eliminate their facial wrinkles and skin patches tanks to the daily consummation of eggs. This is as per a most recent research published in the Netherlands healthcare magazine.

Eating eggs helps women get pregnant

B vitamins are essential when it comes to the creation of sexual hormones. The vitamin type B9 stimulates the formation of the neural tube and also the red blood cells, and thus, it reduces the danger of potential mental retardation. One single egg has 7 mg of this specific B9 vitamin.

Lutein helps maintain good vision

The chicken eggs are rich source of lutein, one of the most important substances that are responsible for maintaining sharp and clear vision, according to the recent studies conducted in the USA. If you suffer from deficiency of lutein in your body, you may experience reduced vision and harmful complications.

Protect your hair, skin and liver by using vitamin b ( complex )

The Phospholipids contained in the eggs increase toxin eradication from the liver areas. In addition to this, the vitamin B12 and the biotin are of a great importance for your skin and hair regeneration.

Reducing the chances of malignancy

Women that ingest eggs per day are less likely to be affected by breast malignancy by 15% due to the fact that the choline is reducing the risk of malignancy and is a crucial part of the brain.

Lower the dangers of cardiovascular ailment

Thanks to large quantities of phosphatides cholesterol [found in the chicken eggs], the dangers of cardiovascular ailments can be kept at bay. Eggs are also rich source of omega 3 acids which actually lowers the number of blood triglycerides; thus reducing the danger of cardiovascular ailment.