Strengthen Your Core With This 28-Day Planking Challenge (In Just A Few Minutes A Day)


Accept this challenge with thousands of other people, and bring your body in great shape. The endurance exercises are one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the central parts of the body. The beginners it seems so simple that often skipped, but these exercises will help you lose fat and strengthen muscles in the back and chest, buttocks, arms, and legs.

This challenge is called “Plank”and the task is to hold a certain time in the upper push-ups position. The muscles work in a similar way as when doing push-ups – no stretching or collected, but internally strengthened and become more resilient. The plank challenge is designed so that during the 4 weeks, gradually increase the time, enduring in that position.

Start with 20 seconds and the final goal is to achieve lasting 4 minutes continuously holding in plank position. In the final phase, your body will be ready for bigger challenges, and muscle mass will be more pronounced.

In this exercise, it is important to keep upright. When you are running elbow and rely on the toes, the most important is the upper part of the body to be in a straight line. Breathing deeply and using the abs you need to control the middle part of the body to you falls down until the neck and head need to be flush with the back. Spread the weight of elbows and feet with stress on the muscles of the buttocks.

Once you have mastered the upright position, you can still win the battle with yourself and to survive the end of the challenge which lasts 28 days.

-Day 1: 20 Seconds

-Day 2: 20 Seconds

-Day 3: 30 Seconds

-Day 4: 30 Seconds

-Day 5: 40 Seconds

-Day 6: Rest

-Day 7: 45 Seconds

-Day 8: 45 Seconds

-Day 9: 60 Seconds

-Day 10: 60 Seconds

-Day 11: 60 Seconds

-Day 12: 90 Seconds

-Day 13: Rest

-Day 14: 90 Seconds

-Day 15: 90 Seconds

-Day 16: 120 Seconds

-Day 17: 120 Seconds

-Day 18: 150 Seconds

-Day 19: Rest

-Day 20: 150 Seconds

-Day 21: 150 Seconds

-Day 22: 180 Seconds

-Day 23: 180 Seconds

-Day 24: 210 Seconds

-Day 25: Rest

-Day 26: 210 Seconds

-Day 27: 240 Seconds

-Day 28: keep up as much as you can



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