The All Natural Way To Keep Spiders At Bay

One of the more freaky of God’s creatures on this earth is the family of arachnids, or spiders. For the most part, the eight legged creatures are usually harmless unless threatened, but still…they’re creepy, and they leave webs of silk everywhere they make a nest.

Despite their tendency to make skin crawl, spiders do have their place in the natural order of things in that they help keep insect populations under control. Therefore, not actually killing the creatures is a good thing, but still, few people really welcome them in the house.

So what to do to keep spiders out, but not destroy them in the process?

As it happens Mother Nature provides a solution. It seems that spiders do not like mint, as in spearmint, peppermint and the rest of the family of vine-like aeromatic herbs that grow readily with sun and water (and invade other herbs’ space, so containment is advisable if planting mint in a garden.)

Making an anti-spider solution is fairly simple. You will need:

Peppermint Oil


A Spray Bottle

Simply dilute 15 drops of peppermint essential oil in about a cup of water, and use the spray bottle to douse the places where spiders can come into the house: door lintels, window corners, cracks in the foundation, and anywhere else spider webs regularly appear.

This makes the spiders disappear without doing them actual harm, and freshens the air in the house at the same time. (As an added bonus, mice don’t care for peppermint, either.)

This website recommends putting a couple drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and placing it in the known entrances as an alternative.

Peppermint oil is available in stores and online for less than ten dollars a bottle. Never use essential oils on skin, human and otherwise, without first diluting it in a carrier oil or water.

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