The Benefits of Eating Pears

People love to eat pears because they are a deliciously sweet and reasonably-priced fruit. However, there are even more reasons to indulge in this delectable treat. Pears offer up a bevy of healthy goodness in each and every bite.

A fresh, juicy pear is a fall treat you might anticipate all year, and when you eat one, you’re doing something good for your health. Pears are an impressive source of fiber, and they also contain a wealth of vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy. Pears come in a range of colors and they’re inexpensive, making them a smart addition to your healthy eating plan.

Digestive Benefits

One medium-sized pear contains 5.5 grams of fiber toward your daily goal of 21 to 38 grams. When you eat plenty of fiber, your digestive system works the way it’s supposed to. Fiber helps your body absorb the vitamins and minerals from your food. It also helps prevent and relieve constipation and can keep you from developing painful hemorrhoids as well.

Health Benefits

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Like apples, pears are high in fiber and can help lower your cholesterol when eaten regularly. Fiber can do many other things for you as well, such as improving your digestive system, improving heart health and reducing the risk of certain cancers, stroke and heart disease.

Improve Your Immune System

The high levels of vitamin C and various other nutrients contained in pears can help you stay healthy. Eating a pear each day will give your immune system a boost and help keep you from getting colds, sore throats and other illnesses.

Rehydrate Your Body

In very hot weather, people working and playing outdoors can be at risk of heat stress or heat stroke. Most often, drinking enough water will ensure this does not happen. However, drinking water sometimes gets boring to children and some people old enough to know better. Offer them a pear instead. Fresh pears are made up of 84% water content and will keep your body hydrated.

More Vitamins and Minerals

In addition to vitamin C, pears also supply generous doses of vitamins K and A. Vitamin K is essential in ensuring your blood clots properly, and vitamin A helps your eyes to be at their best. You will also get an excellent dose of potassium in every pear you eat. This is beneficial to both your heart and your muscles.

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