The Best Weight Loss Drink: Believe It Or Not, It Has “0” Calories

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If you are trying to find a natural way to boost your metabolism, we have the perfect solution for you. Prepare the magic calorie-free detox drink and enjoy its benefits.

Apple – Cinnamon Water contains very few calories, actually less than 10 calories in each dose. Forget about diet soda and juices, and let this apple-cinnamon water do miracles in a week.The results you should expect are a magnificent weight loss and amazing energy splash.

The combination of apples and cinnamon regulates the metabolism fantastically and effectively reduces the weight by eliminating the excess fluid which is retained in the body.
Namely, the antioxidants of the cinnamon stabilize the blood sugar levels and reduce the appetite of the body for carbohydrates, while not encouraging excessive secretion of insulin, which is an important factor if you want to get rid of the excess weight.

The experts stated that with the use of cinnamon, the insulin secretion is controlled, which allows successful melting of the fat.

Studies have shown that the consumption of only half a tablespoon of cinnamon per day can reduce levels of bad cholesterol.

Also, cinnamon helps with digestion problems and affects the reduction of triglycerides.

But the combination of apples and cinnamon will still regulate the metabolism fantastically and will effectively reduce weight, while eliminating excess fluid which is retained in the body.

In order to make this wonderful drink you need the following ingredients:

1. An apple
2. A cinnamon stick or a spoonful of cinnamon powder
3. Two liters of boiled watter

How to prepare the drink:

Boil the water, dice the apple into several pieces and add them to the boiled, but cooled water along with the cinnamon. After the drink is done, let it stay for 2 hours, and then you can drink it whenever you want during the day.
Keep apple-cinnamon water in the fridge not more than 3 days.


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