The Correct Sleeping Position for 9 Health Problems

These 9 sleeping positions will help you in case you have some of these disorders!

kidney -pain

1. Back Pain
. You just have to lay on your back. Then, put a rolled-up towel under the curve of your back as well as a pillow under your knees.

2. Shoulder Pain
In case of shoulder pain, you have to lay on the unaffected side. Your legs need to be slightly bent. Put one pillow between your knees and another one to the chest.

3. Sinus Trouble
In case of a sinus infection, it’s very important which sleeping position you will be in. It can even have a destructive effect on you. Your head must be elevated so that you can prevent the mucus going into the sinuses.


4. Headaches
The sleeping position is incredibly important in case of headaches as it can relieve or worsen the pain. Even some of the worst headaches are connected to a twisted neck while you sleep. Your head needs to be surrounded with pillows so that you can avoid this kind of problem.

5. Neck Pain
If you support your neck, your neck pain will disappear soon. Just use a rolled-up towel and put it under your neck. You can also put it under the pillowcase.

6. PMS Pain
In case of PMS problems, you need to know which sleeping position is the best. Put a pillow under your knees so that your spine isn’t arching.

7. High Blood Pressure
You must consult your doctor about the blood pressure. It is greatly affected by the sleeping position. If you sleep with your face down, you’ll manage to lower it significantly.

8. Problems With The Digestion 
If you have problems with the digestion, the best sleeping position for you would be on your left side. That’s where the position of the stomach is. Gravity will help you improve the whole digestive process.

9. Heartburn
This can be pretty disturbing. You need to sleep on your left side to feel good.
All of these sleeping positions can help you improve the complete health. Make sure you consult your doctor about any health problem.
Help yourself by sleeping better and improving your health!

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