The Foods You Need To Be Putting In Your Breakfast To Help You Burn Belly Fat All Day Long



The saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is not without foundation. The first meal of the day should be nutritious and provide energy for the whole day ahead of you.

Here are five ways to make your breakfast healthier:

  • Add protein

Protein is very beneficial for your body, and according to recent studies, it stimulates ghrelin secretion in the body. Ghrelin is a substance that is secreted when the stomach is empty, and when the stomach stretches, the secretion stops and it tells the brain to increase hunger and gastric acid secretion in order to be prepared for food. A recent study determined that a high protein breakfast is more satisfying than any other food due to the ghrelin output. To include more protein in your breakfast, eat boiled eggs, protein powder, yogurt, peanut butter or nuts.

  • Add some fat

Adding healthy fats to your breakfast can definitely improve your health and provide you with a boost of energy. However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat bacon – we’re talking about healthy fats found in avocado, almond butter and coconut oil. Add 1-2 tablespoons of healthy fats to your breakfast for start and you should be fine.

  • Swap rolled oats for steel cut oats

Steel cut oats are very different from rolled oats. They are not rolled into flakes, and are more similar to old-fashioned rolled oats. They contain a lot of fiber which will make you feel full for longer, and the low glycemic make-up will prevent sugar spikes after the meal. They are also an effective weight loss solution.

  • Add vegetables

Vegetables aren’t usually added to breakfast, but they can boost the fiber content of the meal and improve your digestion early in the day. Adding them in your breakfast will also get you closer to the recommended 2 ½ cups a day. Add some spinach, onion or peppers on your eggs to make your breakfast healthier.

  • Go savory instead of sweet

Sweet breakfasts are great, but they increase your blood sugar levels in the morning almost immediately. This is why you need to go for balanced meals that will satisfy your sugar needs and keep you full for longer. Heat up the bowl or meatball marinara from last night’s dinner and you should be fine.

Try these 5 breakfast suggestions and you should be able to lose weight easily!


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