The Garlic We Buy Is Being Imported From China, Bleached And Filled With Chemicals. Here’s How To Spot It!


Faulty imports from China, from chemical filled foods, to plastic coated rice, are only a few of the headlines that have grabbed social media attention in the United States in the last couple of years.

However, this recent food scandal might just be the worst of them all.

Most of you are probably not aware of the fact that most of the garlic we buy from the grocery stores comes from China. According to a report published by Epoch Times “64,876 tons of dried, fresh, or chilled garlic, were imported from China in 2014… About a third of the garlic in the United States comes from China.”

The problematic issue about this fact is that most of the garlic produced in China is highly toxic because of the way it is being cultivated.

Namely, most of the farmers in China use illegal pesticides to “boost” their products.

According to Epoch Times, “An undercover magazine reporter investigating in the area found that many vegetable farmers used phorate and parathion, two pesticides banned by the government, to irrigate the crops to save time and effort.”

Both of these pesticides are banned in many countries, including China and United States, because they are highly toxic poisons.

Another cause for concern is the fact that one-fifth of China’s soil is also highly contaminated. According to a study released by their government, “16.1% of China’s soil and 19.4% of its arable land showed contamination… cadmium, nickel, and arsenic as top pollutants.”

Consuming garlic from China should be everyone’s concern. It is just not safe.

In order to protect your wellbeing and avoid the consumption of these extremely harmful chemicals, you need to learn how to recognize garlic that’s imported from China.

According to David Wolfe, next time when buying garlic from your local grocery store, you should look for these things:

-Garlic imported from China is lighter and less bulbous than the safe one.

-Chinese farmers often cut the roots and stems in order to reduce weight and save on shipping. If the garlic has roots and a stem, it should be safe.

-Home-grown garlic has a richer taste compared to the one produced in China.

However, the best and safest way to enjoy its benefits is to buy it from local farmers, or grow it yourself.

Check out the video below if you’re interested in growing your own organic garlic:


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