The Healthiest Fruit On The Planet -This Is Why You Should Eat Dates

Rich in fiber and many other nutrients that aid digestion and are beneficial for the digestive tract, contain variety of natural sugars and are the best replacement for the white unhealthy sugar, ability to cure various health problems such as anemia, cholesterol, cancer and more, is what makes the dates the most healthiest fruits in the planet.

Iron source
If you are among those who suffer from anemia, you are strongly recommended to eat dates because they will provide you with the required content of iron this way. In 100 g dates you have 0.90 g iron and that is 11% of the daily need. Iron is one part of the hemoglobin in the red cells in the blood, and this is of crucial importance for the oxygen in every cell. Also, dates are beneficial for teenagers and pregnant women.

Vitamin for the eyes
The dates contain zeaxantine and lutein too and these are helpful for eye health. Both these soothe the eye retina and macula and eyesight improves so damage to the macula is prevented as we age. Increase your dates consumption for good sight!

No Diarrhea
They can prevent diarrhea thanks to the calcium which is crucial mineral for digestion. Also gut flora is healthy and protected with dates. Make sure you eat them regularly and have good bacteria in the stomach and intestines.

No constipation
To stimulate digestion and cleanse your body from toxins you should at night and put few dates in a glass of water to overnight and eat them in the morning. During this night, they release juices that act like laxatives and work up the intestines well. In USA they are put in small bottles like medicine and 100 g of this has 8.5 g fiber.

Better delivery
According to an experiment conducted at Jordan university of Science and Technology, eating dates a month before delivery has proven to significantly reduce pain and bleeding. Women were able to give birth easier than those who didn’t eat this fruit. Also, dates help women to cure the postpartum depression easier and have more milk lactation for the babies.