The ‘Ideal’ Body Weight in 18 Different Countries, Illustrated

Female body image has become the source of a lot of conversation and controversy around magazine covers, and, for better or worse, remains top of mind for many women—us included. So it was interesting to learn, via a report on, how female graphic designers in 18 different countries across the globe understand and illustrate their country’s “ideal.”

According to U.K. group Superdrug Online Doctors, the ideal woman in the U.S. (which you can see below) appears photoshopped. While it’s not thatshocking that she is visibly on the smaller side of the spectrum, we have to say, we’re impressed that there are at least some healthy curves spared from the edit button.

Keep scrolling to see how some of the illustrations compare.


Head on over to to see the results from more countries with equally surprising results. 

What do you think of these results? Is it what you would have expected for the U.S.? Or is she still way too tiny a target for all the diverse shapes and sizes that comprise America’s melting pot? Sound off below!

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