The Incredible Health Benefits of Pickles

Health Benefits of Pickles

Here are the health benefits of pickles:

1. Filled with Antioxidants

Pickles are a rich antioxidant source. Since cooks store preserved vegetables without cooking them, the antioxidants within remain as they are. Antioxidants are micro-nutrients that protect the body against the free radical damage. Free radicals, a by-product of cell metabolism, are unstable chemicals. You can counter their attacks by taking in foods with high amounts of antioxidants

2. A Source of Probiotics

Pickles also give a steady supply of pro-biotics. These healthy bacteria help break down food in your gut. To increase their numbers, you can eat pickles prepared via fermentation. They replace friendly bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and give your health a boost.

3. Essential Nutrients

They provide essential nutrients. Cooks use foods like coriander, curry leaves, spinach and parsley to prepare pickles; they are appetizing, and entice children to eat their vegetables. Children do not realize that they are getting a steady supply of Vitamins C, A and K. Unwittingly, they take in calcium and other micro-nutrients as well.

4. Diabetes Control

Moreover, many studies prove that vinegar improves hemoglobin levels. The acid in it increases hemoglobin, which, in turn, controls diabetes.

5. Enhances digestion

Pickled fruits, such as Indian Gooseberry, are a typical Ayurvedic treatment,  They are a feature at Asian dining tables, as people believe that they improve digestion. They strengthen the mucous membrane in the gut and help to prevent ulcers.

6. Liver Protection

Pickles protect the liver as well. Research proves that Amla extracts, given to animals, reduce toxicity in the liver.

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