The Most Dangerous White Toxin We Eat Every Day, and It’s Not Sugar Or Salt

Do you know what E621 or sodium glutamate is? Have you ever heard about this substance? You’d be surprised to find out that you’re consuming it on a daily basis and it’s wreaking havoc on your body!

Sodium glutamate E621 (monosodium glutamate MSG) is a common additive found in almost all manufactured foods. There’s almost no restaurant in the world that doesn’t use this taste enhancer. It’s one of the most harmful substances we consume every day, without even realizing it!

Sodium glutamate E621 comes in the form of white crystalline powder, and it’s very similar to salt and sugar. It can also be found in liquid form. It has the taste of meat soup and can be added to any food to enhance the flavor. Sodium glutamate intake causes increased cravings, and leads to overeating and obesity.

Another thing that this substance can do may sound unbelievable but it is true. It can stimulate the brain cells the same way drugs do, and that way create a feeling of addiction. It can be absorbed in the blood very fast and easy and can cause change in the genes that are connected with the sense of taste.

This means that when you chose what and where to eat, do it carefully, and that way you will avoid eating suspicious food that not only contains sodium glutamate, but also some other substances that can harm your well being and put you through some health issues.

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