The Most Powerful Herb That Destroys Stomach Aches, Diarrhea, Arthritis, Sore Throat, Flu Virus…

A recent research has shown that the thyme essential oil and its ingredient thymol have powerful antiseptic properties. Thymol is often included in numerous mouthwashes and antiseptic wipes.
Another study has shown that thyme soothes pain, and thyme oil has been traditionally used to relieve pain for hundreds of years.

The Iran’s university of Medical Sciences has conducted a study, in which it was showed that thyme is very powerful in soothing pain, and it is even more efficient than ibuprofen in soothing menstrual pain.

This study has included 84 women between the age of 18 to 24 years old, who were students are the university, and they all had difficult menstruation, and also they had primary dysmenorrhea.

This condition has many symptoms like painful cramping in menstrual cycle, and also headaches, backaches, dizziness and nausea. Menses pain is also a symptom of secondary dysmenorrheal, and it is also linked to different medical condition.
These are some of the most important uses of thyme essential oil:


Thyme has powerful antiseptic properties, and due to them it has the ability to heal wounds and sores and also can protect you from infections. Camphene and Caryophyllene are the components of thyme essential oil, which are responsible for its amazing benefits.


There are many factors that lead to rheumatism such as arthritis, higher levels of toxins like uric acid in the bloodstream, and improper or obstructed circulation or gout. It is also very helpful in eliminating the toxins through the urine due to its diuretic properties. Thyme oil also has the ability to activate the circulation, because it can act as a stimulant.


Thyme essential oil also has the power to improve circulation and boost your immunity, and also improve the health of the skin, the muscles, the digestive system, heart and the nervous system.


Thyme essential oil is also very beneficial for people with low blood pressure, who feel sluggish and pass out, because it can raise the blood pressure and normalize it.

Additional uses of this beneficial essential uses:

It destroys nail fungus
It kills parasites
It treats urinary tract and bladder infections and its diuretic properties improve its effectiveness
Pour some of it on a hot compress and apply it on the affected areas to treat sciatica, gout, rheumatic pain, sprains, muscular aches and pains, sports injuries, arthritis
Add it in a sitz bath or massage to stimulate menstruation for weak or missing periods
You can use it to treat Candida and vaginitis
Mix it with lavender, rosemary, and cedar wood and add it to grapeseed and jojoba carrier oils to treat alopecia area by massaging the scalp. Repeat daily for several months.


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