The Negative Effects of Microwave Use


There have been a lot of studies about the use of this popular appliance in homes around the world, especially in larger cities. Studies have shown that regular use of a microwave can result in severe consequences to one’s health. In this article, learn what the negative effects of microwave use can be. 

How does a microwave work?

Without a doubt, the microwave is one of mankind’s most modern inventions, which in a few short minutes can heat or cook our food. Microwaves are very easy to use, they save time and energy, and they use less electricity than that of a traditional oven.

They use a form of electromagnetic energy, using longwave radiation like radio waves. Each microwave contains a magnetron, which is a tube where radiation at about 2450 MHz interacts with the molecules in food. They are a form of electromagnetic energy, including light, just like radio waves. Each oven has a magnetron, a tube where the radiation, of about 2450 MHz, which interacts with the molecules that make up the food. Each wave of energy created by this appliance changes polarity from positive to negative in every cycle, or millions of times per second. This molecular friction creates heat, but it also damages or destroys amino acids contained in the food, resulting in substances that are toxic to the body.

When used to heat food, microwave use can cause: molecular transformations that create carcinogens; a reduction in the bio-compatibility of nutrients (vitamins and minerals); loss of between 60 to 90% of caloric energy; and a decrease in protein content and the creation of free radicals.

Three negative effects of microwave use

First of all, one phenomenon specific to this appliance is superheated water. When we put a bowl of water in the microwave to heat it up, it can reach boiling temperatures but without the characteristic “bubbles,” so that we don’t always realize whether or not the water is boiling. Sometimes a container can explode the instant we open the door to the oven due to the change in temperature. This can cause severe burns to the hands, face, and neck. Care must always be taken whenever a microwave is used to heat water for tea, coffee, etc., or any other liquid such as a broth or milk.

Secondly, leaching is an issue: this is a major concern of some microwave users. Certain types of containers release chemicals into the food when heated, due to the leaching of plastic compounds. Ingesting these substances can be carcinogenic. It’s critical to use with care and make sure you avoid the types of containers that aren’t microwave safe. If you have no choice but to use a microwave to cook something, it’s best to use a glass plate.

And lastly, as we said earlier, microwaves can greatly alter the content of food. They reduce levels of vitamin B12, which is critical to the production of red blood cells and other cells in the body, and they also almost completely destroy flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory agents and also help fight against cancer. Enzymes and antibiotic properties contained in breast milk can also be destroyed.

Dangers of using a microwave

  • Eating food that has been reheated or cooked with a microwave every day can cause permanent, long-term damage because of the transformations in nutrients that food undergoes.
  • The human body doesn’t have the ability to break down unknown substances, or that which has been altered in the food heated in the microwave.
  • The body’s hormone production can be altered or halted in men or women.
  • Minerals from vegetables are converted into free radicals, which have been linked to cancer.
  • Eating foods cooked in a microwave can increase growth rates of cancerous tumors in the stomach and intestine (part of the reason why there are so many cases of colon cancer).
  • Eating these foods regularly can cause cancer cell production in tissues to increase.
  • The immune system is weakened due to changes in blood plasma and the lymph nodes
  • Cognitive function of the brain may be altered, causing memory loss, emotional instability, or lack of concentration.
  • The quantity of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in food is reduced or altered in microwaves, to levels so low it’s “as if we hadn’t eaten it at all.”
  • Microwave use can destroy up to 75% of food’s natural antioxidants when the chemical structure of food is destroyed by friction from the inside out, caused by the vibration of water molecules by electromagnetic waves.The use of microwaves has been linked to various illnesses like colds and the flu.

-Cell walls of vegetables heated with microwaves are completely fractured, when seen under a microscope.

-Microwaves generate electromagnetic radiation.

-Energy derived from food is lost.

Heating breast milk in a microwave is a serious mistake. Recent research has focused on breast milk for infants that has been heated in a microwave. Pediatricians report that this is not a healthy practice and mothers should try to avoid the use of microwaves to warm milk to prevent health problems in their children.

Of course, heating milk on the stovetop also results in the loss of some nutrients, however it’s much worse in the microwave where additionally, as explained above, the electromagnetic waves actually modify the content of food. This can have serious side effects in infants, who may get sick more often because they don’t have the proper defenses in their bodies, or start to create more free radicals, etc.


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