The Price of Progress: If You See These White Lines on Chicken Meat, You Should Think Twice About Eating it!


The human civilization is eating meat now more than ever, and as chicken is an excellent source of protein, it is one of the most popular choices of meat.

Seeing this, we shouldn’t be surprised that poultry manufacturers are flooding the market with chicken meat. However, it comes with a price – according to a new campaign launched by the “Compassion in World Farming” organization, the white lines we often see on a piece of chicken meat is an indication that the chicken were suffering from muscle disorders, which says a lot for the conditions they’ve been raised in. Although not a life-threatening problem, it is definitely a moral issue.

Those white striations are an indication that the chicken had a muscle disorder called “white striping.” It’s not harmful for consumption, but it is telling of the conditions the chicken was raised in. It is not harmful to eat as such, but rather talk about what conditions in the chicken was cultivated.

One experiment involving 285 birds has found 96% of them had white striping and woody breast, meaning tougher meat. The chicken meats have increasing fat content by up to 224%. It’s occurring more and more in chickens being pushed to grow faster, quicker.

Chicken steak is a popular source of lean protein. Any white striping is seen in the muscle so any increase in the overall fat content would only be a fraction of the overall chicken product.

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