The Reason Why You Should Spread Salt Around Your House

Salt has been used as a home cleaning product for centuries. It is a cheap and non-toxic disinfectant, which is safe to use and provides amazing results. On the other hand, commercial household cleaners are loaded with dangerous chemicals which endanger our health and the health of our family.

Here are several uses of salt as a cleaning and beauty product:

1.Salt can avoid the spreading of the ants

If you badly want to remove the ants from your windows, doors or even your storage cabinets just simply dash a pinch of salt in that area where you have seen them. This can also lessen the level of humidity and moisture at your home.

2. Salt can be used as a natural copper, silver and brass polisher

These kinds of objects have the ability to lose their color if they are left behind somewhere. Nevertheless, you can use salt in order to prevent this type of problem. Just simply make a mixture by combining salt and apple cider vinegar. Smear the surfaces of these objects until they become shiny. You can also remove the dirt and stain with the help of this natural mixture.

3. Unclogs the Sink Drains

Add some salt to hot water and use this mixture to unclog the kitchen and bathroom sink. It will remove the grease and the strong smell as well.

4. House and Car Windows Cleaning agent

Add a couple of tablespoons of salt in a gallon of lukewarm water, stir, and use the mixture to clean the persistent stains on the windows. Polish them until you make them shiny.

You can clean the car windows in the same way, and what’s best, the effects will last long.

5.  It can make your skin younger

Just combine salt with either lavender essential oil or olive oil. Use this mixture in your body. Wait for a couple of minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You will obtain fast and effective exfoliation due to the salt. Additionally, your skin will look young and really healthy.

6.  It can be used as a treatment for toothache

If you are suffering more often from toothaches or mouth sores then you can use salt as an effective treatment. All you have to do is to combine enough salt and warm water. Wait for a couple of minutes in order to make the salt dissolve. Wash your mouth using this mixture. This natural remedy will give you an amazing result in a short period of time.

7. Teeth whitening and oral health care

Use an equal part of baking soda and salt to make a mixture that can be used for teeth whitening. You can utilize this mixture any time that you want. It has the ability to bring back the natural shine of your teeth.

8. Prevents the shrinking of your clothes 

To prevent shrinking, and make your clothes soft and clean, pour some salt in the last wash. This is especially useful if you are drying pieces of clothes out on a sunny day.

9. Revive the colors of your curtains and rugs

If you want to bring back the color of your curtains and rugs you can actually use a salt-based solution. This solution has the ability to make them look new. To see the results, you will only need one wash. Take a cloth and put it in the concentrated salt water. After a few minutes, take the cloth and rub your carpets, curtains and rugs using it. Moreover, a lot of people have confirmed the effects of this remarkable solution.


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