The Strongest Natural Antioxidant Known to Men! This Oil Can Prevent Many Diseases


For thousands of years Cloves have been used widely for both culinary and medicinal purposes.  The Chinese have been using Cloves since about 200 BC to treat oral infections, gum disease and bad breath.  During the Plague, robbers were arrested who had been looting in areas wiped out by the plague.  When asked how they were able to avoid getting sick, they said they covered their bodies with a oil concoction that included a large amount of Clove.

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons you should have Clove Essential Oil in your medicine cabinet:

1. Anesthetic:

As mentioned earlier Cloves have been used in Chinese medicine since before the birth of Christ.  Cloves contain large amounts of anti-bacterial properties which work to reduce gum disease and bad breath.  Also, cloves offer anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief.  If you have a toothache, gum disease or chronically bad breath, try adding a few drops of Clove essential oil to a cotton swab and apply directly to the gums.  You can also gargle with warm water and a couple drops of Clove Essential Oil.

2. Anti-Flatulent:

Suffering from gas or digestive issues?  Clove essential oil can help reduce bacteria in the gut, increase productive enzymes and relaxes the smooth muscle lining of the intestines.  Clove Essential oil can also help to reduce vomiting.  Try adding 2-3 drops of Clove essential oil to a glass of warm water.  drink 1 to 2 times per day for gas or intestinal issues.


The presence of Eugenol in Clove essential oil has been proven to not only reduce inflammation, but also work to reduce pain.  Try adding a few drops of Clove essential oil to a carrier oil such as Coconut or Jojoboa Oil and massage into muscles and soar tissues.  Make sure to dilute Clove Essential oil as it is very harsh on the skin without dilution.


Clove essential oil has a warming effect. If you are experiencing soar muscles or spasms, add a few drops of Clove essential oil to a carrier oil such as coconut or Jojoboa oil. Apply directly to soar muscles or tissue.


Cloves contain a ORAC value (a scale set to express the antioxidant level present in substances) of 290,283 units.  That means that 1 gram of Clove has the same antioxidant level as 1 gram of blueberries. the antioxidants in clove essential oil scavenge the body of dangerous free radicals that cause a multitude of diseases like heart disease and certain types of cancer.  ridding the body of extra oxidation, improved liver function will result.

Remember that Clove essential oil is very powerful and must be diluted with a carrier oil if applied directly to the skin.  In addition, do not take Clove essential oil internally for longer than 2 weeks.  Once you have completed 2 weeks of therapy, wait 2-4 weeks before resuming use internally of Clove essential oil.



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