The Time You Wake Up at Night Can Predict Certain Health  Problems 

We are constantly advised to swallow pills if we are sick, even though they are not always helpful. The reason behind this is the complex issue that has a more psychological root.

This psychological problem has hidden itself inside our sicknesses. Qi might be a little-known, but extremely important factor that affects your overall health and well-being, and here you’ll learn how it’s connected to your body and the specific time you wake up during the night.

What is Qi?

The Qi is an important part of our bodies which helps transport and keep vitals like adrenaline, blood, and other important elements circulate properly. These elements will help affect our emotions.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) stated that the body functions together with the energy as it moves through the body. This life force that circulates is called Qi.

Therefore, if your body is not feeling well, it means that the flow of Qi has been blocked and caused the circulation to be slow, but, if your body is healthy, it means that the Qi is flowing perfectly.


Distribution of Qi

When the Qi moves through the body, it stops every two hours at a different section of the body. The Qi sits in place while the organ gets to a favorable level. After that, the Qi moves again.

Nonetheless, if a problem occurs and one organ is fully recharged, while the other is not, the organ that is located on the other side of the body helps recharge the organ that is not charged at all. This is how Qi balances our bodies.

How Yin and Yang Affect and Move the Energy

Yin and Yang have their own process that they have to follow. Yin functions as a sponge and collects the energy, while Yang distributes that energy. This is what happens during the two hours when Qi rests at one place.

The specific goal that Yin and Yang have to follow is to distribute the natural elements through the body.

These elements are earth, wood, water, fire, and metal. In addition, they will carry the specific energies and emotions that are a part of these elements. Such as:

  • Water holds the emotions of fear and anxiety
  • Fire represents happiness, love, and hatred
  • Earth represents receiving and giving
  • Metal holds grief, sadness, and loss
  • Wood represents anger, stress, jealousy, resentment, and frustration

How Does the Body Function While We Sleep?


Depending upon what we experience when we are awake, Qi gives us energy when we wake up. The Qi moves freely through our body and replenishes us and helps our organs get back on track.

A Time Table for Interrupting Your Sleep

This is what happens to your body when you interrupt your sleep at a specific time. This time table can help predicts the ailment your body has:

Time Organ Affected Solution
Between 11pm-1am Issues with gall bladder which leads to feeling disappointed Forgive yourself and others, work to accept them
Between 1am-3am Problems with the liver, feeling angry and hold grudges Drink cold water, balance the mind, channel the anger into something productive
Between 3am-5am Issues with lungs; leads to sadness Find a purpose in life, lift your spirit, let go of the emotions, reconnect with yourself
Between 5am-7am Problems with intestine, feeling guilt, regret, stuck in a long-lasting emotional state, lethargy Drink water, organize a sleeping routine, stretch, organize going to the bathroom

Lastly, if you ever thought that you were waking up at weird hours during the night, maybe this will help you figure out why.

Moreover, it may be the key to getting your Qi back on track and achieving peace with yourself.

Source Cure Joy

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