The Toilet Always Smells Fresh And Stays Clean. All You Need Is This

Cleaning the toilet is one of the things no one likes to do. However, it must be done in order to keep your toilet fresh and to protect your health.

Maintaining a fresh, germ-free and clean toilet is highly important for the well-being of your whole family. Not only will a clean toilet smell better, but it will protect you from germs being spread.

Nevertheless, your task will be so much easier after we show you this useful trick.

You do not have to throw money at expensive cleaning agents packed with harsh chemicals anymore. What you can do instead is prepare a homemade cleaner that will neutralize all odors, eliminate bacteria and make the toilet smell fresh again.

Ingredients you will need:

160 gr. of baking soda
60 ml. of lemon juice
1/2 Tbsp Vinegar
1 Tbsp Hydrogen peroxide (3 %, from the pharmacy)
15-20 drops of Fragrant oil


Mix the baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl first, while mixing the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in another. Now, slowly mix both mixtures and add the essential oil in the end. Take a teaspoon and make small ball shapes from the mixture, then leave them to dry for 3-4 hours on parchment paper.

We suggest leaving them to dry overnight and storing them in an airtight container afterwards. The next time your toilet is in need of a cleaning, put one of the balls in the bowl and leave it to work for a few minutes before flushing. We suggest using the method 2-3 times a week for best results.

Enjoy in the freshness and cleanness of your toilet!


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