The Truth about Almonds (Almost No One Knows This Dirty Secret)

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Almonds are considered as one of the healthiest foods on the Planet, however, here’s some information to think about the next time you want to buy almonds.

CDC has admitted that propylene oxide is a cancer-causing chemical, and believe it or not, most of the almonds sold in America have been fumigated with this toxic chemical.

Selling raw almonds in America was illegal in 2007. The reason for this law was a Salmonella outbreak in Canada, which was caused by a Californian almond grower. The outbreak was stopped as the California Department of Health Services helped the almond grower to improve the safety of his products.

However, shortly after the first salmonella outbreak, there was a second one, and few government agencies gather together to set a proper treatment to prevent future outbreak of Salmonella. Although it’s quite strange that Salmonella can appear in dry ingredients like almonds, still it’s possible.

To significantly reduce the chances of salmonella, almonds need to be treated in one of the following ways:

  • Heat exposure to obtain 200 degrees temperature
  • Fumigating kernels with propylene oxide gas in a closed chamber


Which Almond Brand is Best?

Many popular brands of almonds which are selling in stores and online, have been analyzed by the Food Identity Theft. They discovered that:

  • Kirkland Signature Costco Chocolate Covered Almonds and their whole almonds have shown to be treated with propylene oxide fumigation
  • Almond from the brand Planter (not owned by Kraft Foods) have shown to be treated with heat
  • Almonds from the brand Diamond of California are fumigated with propylene oxide
  • Almonds from Blue Diamond vary. The whole-nut natural line of almonds is fumigated with propylene oxide, whereas the slivered and sliced almonds are treated with heat
  • 365 by Whole Foods Market brand vary. There’s equal chances that the conventional 365 line of almonds is treated or not treated with heat, and the organic 365 line is nearly certainly treated with heat
  • Almonds from Back to Nature brand are treated with heat
  • Almonds from Superior Nut Company are treated with propylene oxide, except for their organic line of almonds that is selling online
  • All almonds from the brand Trader Joy are treated with heat



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