The West Is Going Wild for This Indian Remedy

 Milk and … curry spice, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on what Saba Imtiaz at the Guardian calls “2016’s drink of choice.” Cafes from San Francisco to Sydney are selling their own version of the traditional drink from the Indian subcontinent, known ashaldi doodh: a combination of milk and turmeric. Yes, that turmeric, the yellow Indian spice usually found in curries. Haldi doodh has long been a staple in India for its purported health benefits—proponents say it’s good for everything from depression to cancer—but the drink is now taking hold in the West. It’s typically made with juiced turmeric root, almond, cashew, or soymilk, and dubbed a turmeric latte or “golden milk.”

There are claims that turmeric whitens teeth and fights acne, among many other things. Indeed, turmeric and milk might sound odd, but the modern version “is creamy, with the comforting quality of a warm, yet slightly sweet, soup,” writes Imtiaz. It tastes “surprisingly pleasant.”

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