There’s a New Tabasco That’s 20 Times Hotter Than the Original

Hot sauce lovers, it’s time to rejoice! Meet  Tabasco Scorpion Sauce, the hottest sauce available from McIlhenny Company, the producer of Tabasco, and it is nearly a whopping 20 times hotter than the original sauce. It’s available exclusively online (and on Avery Island, LA, the home of Tabasco Sauce) starting on July 19 for a limited time, along with another new hot sauce called Tabasco Roasted Red Sauce, which is much, much less spicy.

The first ingredient in Tabasco Scorpion Sauce is scorpion pepper, which is one of the hottest peppers in the world. To (somewhat) balance out the heat, the sauce is blended with guava, pineapple, and a dash of original Tabasco sauce. I think I am in Heaven.

The heat punches you in the tongue and fills your entire mouth the second the vinegary sauce hits your lips, and the spiciness only intensifies with time. Make no mistake, this stuff is as hot as it promises to be.Hot-sauce enthusiasts, are you ready for the wrath of the scorpion?


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Have you ever wondered how Tabasco is made? Watch the video below:

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