These 2 Types Of Woman Are Considered Irresistible For Men

For centuries, most women have been asking what personality and behavior traits are found to be most attractive and irresistible for men. There are explanations as there are men in the world. However, any man is trying to find that one special woman who will become his soulmate.

In this article, we will represent you with 2 types of women found to be attractive for men:

1. The Mother

According to psychologists, girls are looking for father-like men and boys are looking for mother-like women. These tendencies are deeply rooted into our subconscious and linked to our perception for home environment. In other words, ideals of a perfect home are based on our childhood’s experiences, when we felt safe, contented, and happy.
The men feel attraction toward mother-like girlfriend because they want to be taken care of, loved unconditionally and feel safe and warm, having someone to cook for them and clean the house and, more importantly, to deliver healthy babies and nurture them to adulthood. This is actually more primitive human instinct, developed during a time when a human’s main missions in life were to survive and to perpetuate the species.

2. The Friend

The quest for finding the perfect mate doesn’t always include beauty and sex appeal. Men sometimes want somebody who can talk to or go to a football match with. Not all men want dolls, but a partner who can share their opinions and ideas with.
The key to a strong, healthy and long-lasting relationship is sharing the same personality traits. Being “the friend“doesn’t necessarily means that the intimate part of your relationship will suffer, but it may only make you even closer and ready to enjoy that newfound closeness and spend unforgettable moments together.