These 9 Products May Cause Cancer, Be Aware

Due to the rapid technology development and the overall advancement of the society, our lifestyles have changed significantly. Unfortunately, not all of these changes have been positive as we are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals through consumption of genetically modified foods and through the polluted air we breathe.

To be even worse, in most of the cases, we aren’t even aware that the products we use daily are harmful, since the labels often don’t show that.
In case you didn’t know, these 12 products are cancer-causing and you probably have them at home.

Take a look:

Food containers and plastic bottles

When you eat or drink from plastic containers, the chemicals from the plastic come into the food and they get digested in the body along with the food. Bisphenol A is one of these chemicals and it is linked to have side effects on the health. It may have effects on the prostate glands in young children, babies and fetuses, behavior and on the brain.
Use reusable glass or metal ones and it that way you will protect the environment and yourself.

Air fresheners

The air fresheners can eliminate the odors and noxious gas from your home but the fumes that they emit can be very dangerous. These fumes can cause cancers (throat and nose), hormone imbalance and respiratory conditions like asthma. Use essential oils instead of air fresheners as they create pleasant aroma and provide health benefits.
It was proved that inhaling rosemary oil can stimulate the nervous system and improve the mood. Add ten to fifteen drops of your favorite oil in a spray bottle and add one cup of distilled water and spray it around the home.

Commercial cleaning products

We all have cleaning products for different home parts. Even they are supposed to keep the home safe from bacteria many of the commercial cleaning products are associated to health problems like hormone disrupting and respiratory problems like asthma. But baking soda and vinegar provide antimicrobial cleaning properties and they don’t cause side effects. They work great against E. coli, salmonella and staph.


The toothpastes contain fluoride and saccharin which are carcinogens. The fluoride has many unhealthy effects like damage the thyroid and cause cavities.
Use coconut oil as alternative instead of toothpaste. The saccharin is 350 times sweeter than the sugar and as it is carcinogen you should stay away from it.


Anti-dandruff shampoos contain methylchloroisothiazolinone that is suspected mutagen. They contain ammonium laureth sulfate that causes health problem. Studies on rats have discovered that it causes cancer.

Antibacterial soap

The antibacterial soaps look like they will eliminate all the germs and bacteria, but recent studies have shown that they contain triclosan, an ingredient that increases the risk of cancer, early puberty and infertility, spurs the growth of drug resistant bacteria and interferes with levels of hormones in animals.

Deodorants and antiperspirants

The health risk can be difficult to identify as they form a chemical cocktails when combined. They contain parabens that act as preservative in some personal care and underarm products.

Non-stick cookware

This is the most common used cookware by people in the US, but there are side effects over the health. They release toxic chemicals during cooking. The coating starts to break down and releases many fluoride-based gasses and toxic particles many of which are cancer causing. Try to use ceramic or glass pans and pots.

Talcum powder

The mineral compound talc, which is often found in talcum powder, has been shown to increase risk of ovarian cancer.


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