These Are The Most Popular Royal Baby Names — Would You Choose Any Of These Royal Names?

Royals are at the center of attention now, as Kate Middleton is expected to give birth to her third child at any moment.

Royal fans are eager to find out everything from where and how she will give birth to what the couple will name their latest addition.

There have been widespread speculations about the moniker ever since the pregnancy was announced. And the bookies have got various traditional names in their current line-up.

William Hill predicts Arthur (12/1), Albert (14/1) and James (16/1) are the most possible options.

While Mary (3/1), Alice (6/1), Elizabeth (6/1) and Victoria (10/1) are taken into consideration if Kate gives birth to a girl.

But what are the most popular names chosen for royal boys and girls?

Favourite royal baby boy names:

1. Albert
2. Richard
3. Charles
4. William
5. Henry
6. Philip
7. Edward
8. Arthur
9. James

Favourite royal baby girl names:

1. Elizabeth
2. Jane
3. Victoria
4. Catherine
5. Alice
6. Anne
7. Mary
8. Alexandra
9. Margaret

We would like to know whether you’d pick a royal name for your children by choosing one of these royal names or you prefer something more modern?

This year 90s baby names such as Maria, Courtney, Bradley and Ryan have come back at large.. However, the most popular girl’s name of 2018 is Emma, while the most popular boy’s name is Liam.

Kate and William picked traditional names, with a nod to their family tree, for their first two children.

Prince George’s full name is George Alexander Louis. And his little sister is officially called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

If you’re expecting a little one, see the complete list of the top baby names for 2018 to get some inspiration.

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