This 13-Day Diet Will Help You Lose Pounds Fast


The Danish diet or the Copenhagen diet is great for many reasons. One of the best things about it is that, unlike so many other “efficient” diets out there, this one doesn’t leave you ‘hanging’ on the yo-yo effect.

For those who haven’t stumbled upon this term, the yo-yo effect is when all the weight you’ve worked so hard to lose comes crashing back down on you once you’ve finished the certain diet you’ve been on.

Sounds great, but how many pounds are we talking? Well, that can depend on many factors, but generally you should be able to shed from 15-40 in these two weeks.

BUT, it’s very important that, after those 13 days are over, you don’t continue this diet under any circumstances. Especially not for reasons like ‘you feel you can lose just a bit more than you’ve already lost’.

This diet is extremely low in calories, about 600 calories a day to be precise. Other than that, it lacks whole grains, dairy products, and fruit. So it can be expected of some individuals to experience fatigue due to a lack of sufficient minerals and vitamins.

And, naturally, you may very well find yourself feeling hungry throughout these two weeks time. And in some cases, your body may be more prone to diseases.

But before you decide to run away screaming, know that if you adhere to this diet without making any exceptions, you can avoid the issues mentioned above.

You Must Follow the Rules!

Be sure not to break any of these golden rules when it comes to the Danish diet:

  • Avoid chewing gum, wine, beer and sweets of any kind
  • If you, for whichever reason, decide to stop the diet, know that you cannot continue it for at least six months
  • After the 13-day period is over, you can choose to do this diet again after 2 years have passed, no sooner
  • While on the diet, if you wish, you may substitute salmon, beef, and lamb for 250 g of chicken meat
  • Avoid salt in any form
  • Instead, you can choose any other healthy seasoning, such as garlic or oregano
  • After you’ve finished the diet, eat sensibly for at least a week
  • It is not advisable to perform any intense physical activity during this time, due to the low calories one consumes, to begin with

And that’s it. Now, without keeping you waiting for any longer (and, more importantly, now that you know the pros and cons and are ready to make your adult decision), here is the 13-day Copenhagen diet plan:

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