This Accessory Is A MUST HAVE For Summer

It looks like Jack Frost has gone to sleep for a few months, and that being the case, it’s time to gear up for summer. Shorts, t-shirts, lightweight clothing, easy to carry backpacks, and pool bags will be coming out of the closet and new ones purchased in the coming weeks.

When going out in the sun for fun, exercise and anything else, it is vitally important to think of the sun while getting dressed. For most people that means sunscreen. And while sunscreen is great and keeps the skin from burning, it doesn’t actually cover everything. What doesn’t always get covered is the head.

That being the case, every summer wardrobe should include a wide-brimmed hat.

Hats? Wait, isn’t that, like, so old-fashioned?

Maybe so, but a wide-brimmed sun hat, available at most sporting good stores, gardening and gift shops, as well as outdoor outfitters, covers parts of the body we tend to forget:

The scalp

The neck

The Ears

It’s not just the face that can be burned, and from personal experience, burning any of these parts can be mightily uncomfortable.

In addition, dermatologists assure all humans that much of the damage done to skin that results in wrinkles and age spots can be attributed to sun exposure. A wide-brimmed hat can help keep that exposure – and nipping and tucking – to a minimum.

It is true that the best way to get adequate vitamin D in the body is by sensible sun exposure to arms and legs and other parts. (Medical professionals don’t want to be pinned down on the length of time, but 10-15 minutes without sunscreen is not going to hurt.) However, that does not mean that the face, ears, and scalp have to be part of the equation. A sun hat will do the trick.

It’s been a long winter, and we all want to be outside. It’s just a good idea to be safe from being in the sun.

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