This Deodorant Commercial Just Made Me Cry

Usually a deodorant  commercial won’t break down barriers, but that’s exactly what Secret is doing in its latest #StressTest ad.
The ad, which was released this week, demonstrates how stressful it can be to use a public bathroom when you’re a genderqueer (someone who identifies as neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders) or transgender woman.

In the commercial, a character named Dana looks stressed AF in a swanky bathroom stall after two women enter the restroom. She waits it out for a few beats, before finally deciding to leave the stall. “Stress test #8260: Dana finds the courage to show there’s no wrong way to be a woman,” the text reads as you can hear the women compliment her on her dress.

Dana is played by Karis Wilde, who identifies herself on Instagram as an “androgynous queer artist.” “I always have moments of insecurity but I have conditioned myself to act unbothered,” Karis told Queerty, on using public bathrooms. “While shooting, I allowed myself to feel vulnerable. It terrified me how much I’ve stored all those emotions; I almost cried in the middle of taping.”

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