This Fruit Treats Cancer – Still Hidden by The Big Pharmaceutical Companies!

There is a  super fruit that  experts claim to be the most potent anti-carcinogen in the world. But, what’s the name of that fruit, and how it looks?

This magical fruit is called  Guanabana or a tree soursop, a fruit filled with anti-carcinogenic properties.

Not only it is healthy, but it’s delicious, another reason to plant a guanabana tree in your yard. Also, you won’t throw anything from it, and all its parts are useful.


Guanabana is a low-growing tree that needs a little space. In Brazil and England, it is known as soursop while in Latin America as guanabana. It has large, sweet fruits that can be consumed in a raw form especially for manufacturing pastries, beverages, etc.

It iscfamous for its anti-cancer effects, especially its effect on tumors. It had a positive result on cancers of all types.

Along with its anticancer qualities, guanabana is a great antibiotic with strong anti-parasitic and antifungal properties. It can regulate the blood pressure level, serves as an antidepressant, relieves from nervous disorders and stress.

The compounds of this fruit inhibit the growth of cancerous cells, 10,000 times more potent than Adriamycin, the primary chemotherapeutic agent. One more important this is that the guanabana destroys only the affected cells not the healthy ones.

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