This Healthy Digestive Juice Will Revamp Your Digestive System Completely

Very few have had an urgent, undeniable craving for purple cabbage, but when you discover the amazing things that cabbage can do for you, especially to your digestive system, you will definitely want to try this healing purple cabbage juice.

Purple Cabbage Super Powers

Raw cabbage juice contains methionine S-methyl sulfonium (MMS), also known as vitamin U, an incredible component that improves the gastric and intestinal function.
Cabbage also contains sulfur, essential for preventing inflammation in the colon and intestines.

Cabbage has glutamine, an amino acid that stimulates grow and rejuvenate cells in the digestive tract.

Healing Digestive Juice (With Cabbage!)

Now that you are informed about what cabbage can do to your digestion, watch this video to learn a simple juicing recipe to put this purple hero to the test!

Healing Digestive Juice

• 2 cups purple cabbage, sliced
• 3 celery ribs, chopped in half
• ½ of a small lemon
• ½ of a green apple, sliced

Instructions: Add ingredients one at a time to your juicer and enjoy fresh!

And A Little Extra

Here are the additional benefits you can reap from every ingredient in this amazing juice!

Purple Cabbage

Abundant in vitamin C, the best immune booster.
The vitamin A found in cabbage improves skin health, so you can feel good on the outside too!

Green Apples

Contains high amounts of calcium that strengthens the bones.
Contains vitamins A, B and C, which can help prevents free radicals development.


Reduces cholesterol and maintains optimal heart health.
Contains NBP, which acts as diuretic and detoxifies. Get rid of those toxins!


Amaze your liver and drink this juice.
Rich source of vitamin C, which is beneficial in the fight against flu and colds.


Why Should I Be Juicing?

Juicing provides your body with the needed nutrients from fruits and vegetables without making your digestive system break it all down. You get all the benefits and your body will be thankful for giving it a little break!

Juicing helps you consume a lot more produce than you would by eating produce whole. Salads are great and all, but drinking down twice the salad in one swift gulp is better than that.