This Homemade Scrub Helps You Get Rid Of Cellulite And Stretch Marks

Both men and women are experience cellulite, however, it is much more common in women. This unpleasant aesthetic though seems difficult to get rid of, still there are effective, cheap ways that can help you eliminate the cellulite. One of those ways is the following recipe.

It uses ingredients that can be easily purchased and when combined together work like magic.
Scrubbing with this homemade scrub benefits you with smoother skin than before since this scrub improves blood circulation and stimulates the rejuvenation of skin cells. Use this amazing homemade scrub and you will no longer have cellulite and marks in only a month!

• 250g of salt
• 250g of sugar
• 100-150ml of palm oil (you can also use olive oil or any vegetable oil instead)

Note: Sea salt is recommended because it’s healthier and enriched with iodine and trace elements, which altogether work to rejuvenate the skin.

Combine all the ingredients well until you get a thick mixture. Allow it to stand for half an hour and then mix it again. Your homemade scrub is ready!

Note: The same mixture can be used until it.’s finished. Make a new one if needed.

How to use:
Apply the mixture before you go to the shower on the affected parts and massage it by making circulation motion for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then apply a moisturizing cream or body lotion.

After few weeks of using this homemade scrub, you will notice positive results—the stretch marks and cellulite will be less visible. People who have used this homemade scrub confirmed it helped them to eliminate stretch marks and cellulite completely in only a month!

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