This Incredible All-Natural Ingredient Gets Rid of Facial Hair and Blackheads

This home remedy is gentle, natural, cheap, and best of all, helps to eliminate yucky, unwanted hair and blackheads. Genius!

Our tip comes to us today courtesy of beauty guru YouTuber Arati from the channel DIY With Arati. She is going to show us how to get squeaky clean pores like hers, all in under an hour!

This mask will not only leave your skin smooth and soft, our host explains that the egg white is especially beneficial because it contains proteins that “improve skin tone and elasticity.”

Additionally, if you are looking to help calm acne and tighten pores, then put down that pricey, store-bought beauty item!

You will first need to gather these common household ingredients:

  • One egg
  • About a dozen tissues
  • Flat-head makeup brush
  • Small bowl or cup
  1. Begin by cracking your egg. Separate the yolk and allow the white to fall into your small bowl.
  2. Cleanse your skin and pat dry. Apply a thin layer of the egg white with your foundation brush to the desired areas. You can either target sections that may be more susceptible to blackheads, like your nose, or you can use as a full-face mask.
  3. Cover the areas that you have applied the egg white to with tissue papers—you may need to cut them into small pieces in order to get the right shapes. When your skin is properly coated, they should be able to stick easily to your face.
  4. Once the mask has left you properly “mummified,” add another layer of egg white directly to the tissue paper. If you’ve ever tried papier-maché before, then this step will come easily to you! Side note: If you notice that your tissue papers are breaking apart, simply add another layer on top of the previous one.
  5. Wait 40 minutes, or until you feel that the mask has fully hardened, then pull off in an upward direction, starting from your chin, and ending with your forehead.

We were skeptical about this DIY mask at first, but Arati’s demonstration says it all. She is positively glowing! To see the impressive results for yourself, be sure to click on her video below.


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