This is The Best Way to Clean Your Ears

As good as it feels, cleaning your inner ears with a Q-tip is just not the best option.  Earwax, officially known as cerumen, is there for a reason: namely, to keep your skin moisturized and block out infections.

If anything, Q-tip cleaning can become counterproductive by pushing wax further in.  This can cause hearing loss, as can the eardrum punctures that may result from Q-tip use.

And since the skin in your ear canal is delicate, Q-tips can break it easily, creating openings for bacteria to enter.

How do you keep your ears clean? The same way you clean the rest of your body: with a gentle washcloth on the outside. You don’t have to clean the inside at all, since debris falls out on its own.

Nature made the ear a self-cleansing surface.


The only exception to this rule is when your earwax is creating hearing loss, clogging, or yellow or brown discharge.  Still, that’s not an excuse to bring out the Q-tips. If you want to get rid of the earwax at home, you can try a DIY removal, like with an over-the-counter solution like Debrox. You put this into your ear with a dropper to soften the wax, and then you clear it out with warm water using a syringe.

Still, if you are noticing hearing issues related to earwax or seeing any kinds of discharge, you really should see your doctor.


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